Clinical Pilates for Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common in Australia and around the World. Approximately 20% or four million people report back pain or disc problems in Australia. It is estimated that 85% of the population may experience back pain at some stage during their life-time. The people who have found to be at the highest risk of developing back pain are those who are overweight or physically inactive, required to sit for long periods at work, repetitive lifting and bending, and athletes who over train.

Research has also found stress and smoking place people at a higher risk of developing back pain. People who suffer from conditions such as arthritis, scoliosis, and cancer may also be at a higher risk of developing back pain. Back pain also seems to become more apparent as people get older, particularly from 30-40 years of age.

Back pain can have debilitating affects on an individual, reducing their quality of life. It common for people who suffer from back pain to become less involved at work and social activities, as well as exercise. Back pain, particulaly when it is chronic can have a massive impact on an individuals life – relationships, sex life, family life, and community life. At a certain point psychological health can begin to suffer due to the back pain itself and a combination of the previous problems. The recent research indicates it essential for people who suffer from back pain to keep moving for an effective outcome. Carefully monitored exercise programs designed to correct any abnormalities in mobility, strength, and flexibility are proving to achieve the best results for people suffering from back pain.



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