Motor Vehicle Accident

At Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Perth we see many people who have an injury or are in pain from motor vehicle accidents. The physiotherapists at Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation regularly treat people who have suffered whiplash injuries, soft tissue injuries, and bone fractures. The expert hands on treatment and supervised gym based rehabilitation ensure all motor vehicle accident (MVA) clients get results. Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation use state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities combined with the best rehabilitation exercises in the world.

The physiotherapists at Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation are involved in all phases of MVA rehabilitation, from the acute stage (gentle stretches and manual therapy to prevent stiffness and loss of range of movement) through advanced rehabilitation exercises. Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation ensure you comfortably get back into a good routine. Rehabilitation following a MVA can be long due to the severity of whiplash, but research shows with an early physiotherapy intervention helps to minimize ongoing problems.

The following information will help you understand the process to follow when seeking treatment funded by The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA).

  • Drivers and passengers not at fault are usually covered for physiotherapy treatment funded by the ICWA.
  • To begin funded treatment, a referral from a General Practitioner (GP) is required for payment by ICWA. Without a copy of the referral letter for the physiotherapist, the person will be billed as a full fee paying client. The person can then be refunded by the ICWA with presentation of the physiotherapy invoices.
  • The ICWA system does not cover the driver if they are deemed to be in the wrong or at fault.

For further information on physiotherapy for motor vehicle accidents, call the ICWA or Loftus Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation on 9328 5900.


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