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Sports Physiotherapy is becoming increasingly important in todays sports world, due to every well known sports team being structured as a large business or organization. Athletes are put under enormous amounts of pressure to perform at their best week in, week out – even when suffering from a sport injury.

It is essential for athletes who are seeking to play at their peak performance and would like to prevent sports injuries, to consult a physiotherapist who is experienced and educated in sports injuries.

An athlete who can recover quicker from a sports injury or even better prevent a sports injury is much more vital to a sports team, for performance and health reasons. Whether it be social or elite level, sports physiotherapy can help.

Our qualified physiotherapists commonly work with elite athletes and top performers, as well as those who simply participate in sports activities for social purposes. Sports physiotherapy can often be the difference between a successful sporting career versus a sports career that is cut short to an extensive injury. Whether it be physio for a serious sports injury or a custom sports rehabilitation program, sports physiotherapy can have a powerful influence on an individual.

When a physiotherapist is working in a sporting context, they will usually work closely with coaches, other health care professionals including sports scientists and sports doctors. The physio’s role is to examine and diagnose sports injuries, create treatment programs, and implement a modified training program.

Our physios have advanced training in the latest treatments and management techniques for sports injuries. The physiotherapists will not only rehabilitate the sports injury, but also help prevent further injury.

Treatment by the physio often begins with manual therapy and then progresses onto an exercise based program. Physiotherapy may also include sports taping, sports massage and therapeutic taping treatments.


Sports physiotherapy is vital in maintaining an athlete’s overall health and well being whilst participating in sports. Sports injuries can often be debilitating, so being able to treat the sports injury effectively and prevent future injuries is the major role of a physio in sports physiotherapy.

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